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Jeff Lahr:
I've been working on this olive for about four years. It is currently about 8.5 inches tall, but will easily be under eight inches when I cut it back next spring. I'm having some problems trying to thicken the branches and to induce some back budding since all of the growth is at the ends of branches.

(I took this photo near sunset with fires blazing to the north and south of me and it caused a red cast to the photo.)

What kind of olive is your tree?  It does not seem to have the growth pattern of  a Black Olive nor the type of leaves on a Olive europa??

If it was my tree in the spring I might defoliate it, and give it a chance to do a lot of back budding!!

Looks like Olea europea to me.  The leaves show  little hard water (or something else??) though. 

I'd cut it back hard in spring.  That might mean a defoliation, or it might not.  The 2nd main branch growing to the left could go to accentuate the movement of the trunk, which will look more impressive once you chop it back.

John Kirby:
Good call Wayne, tha could be a really-really 5-51/2" tall tree. Thanks for posting Jeff. John

Jeff Lahr:
Wayne, good call on the species and on the hard water. I've been considering cutting back the branch you mention. I'll have to create a virtual during the long winter nights and check it.

Thanks for the responses.


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