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John Kirby:
Good pot for tree, Bigei?

Jason E:
Hi John, Yes it's a Bigei.

Isn't it neat to finally have a tree that is really looking greasy
Qualicum Brian

Owen Reich:
This may be a bit obsessive and I don't know if this is considered "unacceptable", but the pine tree on the pot is moving right and tree would move left.  Perhaps the image is flipped on the other side.  Nice container.

Jason E:
Worked on this tree w/ Boon over the weekend. Needles long, the tree was not decandled this year to get strong.
Will start decandling next year and should be really coming along in a few years.
I thought I was getting pretty good at wiring, this one put me in my place w/ Boons critiques. Shohin pine w/ lot of branches not a easy tree to wire and not break needles. Good one to build wiring skills w/ though.




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