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John Kirby:
I looked for a nice thick based JM shohin for a long time. I got this one from Don B about 14 months ago. Repotted it and let it rip last summer. The tree has a great base and really needs to have branches grown to allow the branches to match the base. Last december we worked to get it repotted, and then did the approach grafts to get branches in the right places, and to heal the cut on the back. The third picture shows it last weekend as we prepared to work on it- it was thinned and wired. Will post agin next month when we work again and take the wire off.

I love it John! Ilook forward to seeing the after shots!


John this is a real little beauty.
A question, why did you decide to go with approach grafts and not thread grafts?

John Kirby:
Could had used wither on the side branches, on the back, the top of the wound was connected to the bottom of the cut wowith two grafts on the same twig- the twig spans the "chop" to connect the two ends like a bridge to increae the rate of healing- and to give back pranches. After working on Pines and Junipers with Boon the past 5 yeas, starting to work on Maples with him has been a real kick.


John Kirby:
It is that time of the year again. So after grafting, then doing a second round of grafts (approach) we got good fusion and lots of growth. The runners were about 3' tall and enough growth in diameter to make the grafts stick quite well. So, cut the grafts out, trimmed tips and then repotted to stop the tree from bleeding. Anyway, now we have some branches to work with. Wire to follow in the spring!

The only problem with this tree? Will need to be Kifu, not for height, but because the base is too large to fit into a shohin pot that will fit on a display stand........



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