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Shohin for sale???????


Im lookin for a tropical shohin bonsai that i can keep in my dorm at school year round....
Anyone willing to sell one, or any places in particular to look?

Not a Fukian Tea. Where are you going to college? If it's in the south you will have more luck keeping a tree in a dorm. When I went to college in St. Augustine I brought a fukian tea, ficus, and bamboo. The bamboo did the best. Ficus barely hung on, and the tea dried up pretty quickly. When I was in my room, I started putting them on the window sill, and cracking the window to let that nice humid air in. It seemed to keep the Ficus alive. The bamboo will live through almost anything though.
I'd suggest:
Ficus (microcarpa would be better than benjamina)
Scheflerra (sp?)
Bamboo (looks nice, but not bonsai)
succulents like Jade

Invest in humidity trays.

illinois state

I have kept Ficus (microcarpa), Fukian Tea and Gold Bean Kumquot (fortunella) indoors in California (bay area).  I have recently moved to Michigan and all 3 seem to be doing well.  Personally I would go for a ficus if you want to try keeping a tree indoors.  And I would start with a cheap one, as it can take a bit to get used to watering etc.  As to where to find them, many of the online nurseries carry ficus and other tropicals.



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