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Here is a shohin barberry, about 9 inches tall, variety 'Bagatelle'.  I like the corky trunk and the movement on this tree.  It took a couple of years to bring it down to this size, but all that is left is growing out the branches.

Looks great.  I've seen more barberry online recently, but I've never come across one in person.  I guess I'll have to keep an eye out.

At a recent Carolina Bonsai Expo at the NC Arboretum ('08) there was a breathtaking shohin (90% sure it was a) barberry.  The color was a tad over-saturated in this camera, but that' a testament to the coloration of the tree.  It was brilliant red.  (Nikon cameras sometimes have a hard time w/ Reds.)

Since that show, I've had my eye out for a good barberry.  I haven't found one, but am still looking.

Dave, give us an overview on barberry care, case I happen across one soon.

That looks to be a burning bush, maybe ?  I don't think it is a barberry.

That makes sense.  Excuse my previous response!



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