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Hello all,

Thought I'd post a recent pic of my Shohin Acer palmatum 'Shishigashira' that I purchased from Don Blackmond at Gregory Beach Bonsai on Feb 9th, 2009. When she is in leaf she is spectacular. She is a real slow grower with extremely short nodes. I love the pooling/puddling that is happening at the nebari over the last 3 years. When it is dryer you can see rings that are being formed. The impression is that the trunk is melting into the pot. I am very pleased.


You can't go wrong with Don Blackmond's bonsai.  I have bought many trees from Don and I live in California from stock material to refined maples.  I love the maple you purchased.


No you can not. I have been very pleased with everything I have purchased from Don. Here are some pics today of this tree after a light rain. She is beginning to leaf out and she is loaded with flowers.


Dan W.:
Hows this one looking these days? Love it!

Hi jay
I would cut off all the flowers as soon as possible. Huge strain on your tree. I would wonder why she has so many flowers. Usually when a tree is stressed it will flower like that.
Qualicum Brian


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