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ken duncan:
Today I repotted some trees that were way past needing it, about 6 years ago was the last time they were repotted.
They are all very small and tropical.
The first one is a Carmona microphlla (Fukien-tea), it is about 15 years old from seed.  
Have a look and tell me what you think.

ken duncan:
The next tree is a narrow leaf ficus that is about 10 years from a cutting.

Rick Moquin:
One would never guess at their size without a comparator. Well done!

ken duncan:
Thanks Irene, I love the little trees more and more the older I get.
To keep these little guys happy I place them in a bed of Turface to help with the moisture, by doing this I can get by with watering only once a day most of the time. With the temperate trees they are kept in rotating wooden boxes, to keep the growth consistent on all sides of the trees and with the tropical trees I use pans so they can be moved indoors in the winter.
The roots need to be pruned from time to time because they love to grow in the Turface from the drain holes.
In the winter the tropicals are housed in an unheated sun porch and kept outside all summer, all of my temperate trees are kept outside year round.

ken duncan:
Thanks Rick.


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