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Some beautiful work on those little wonders. I agree with Rick-your trees are perfectly proportioned. I immediately thought that fukien tea was a much bigger tree.


ken duncan:
Hi Chris, Thank You for your kind comments.

Heather Coste:
Agreed on all counts with the fukien and the ficus. I'm biased toward tiny trees, but that fukien particularly caught my eye. Well done!

ken duncan:
Thank You Heather, I am very fond of the little ones too. This tree has not changed much in 15 years, just keeping it alive for that long in that small of a pot shows the pure will to survive. From the time I was as a child I have be amazed by plants and how big trees come from small seeds.
Some people have told me that they do not have time to grow Bonsai from seed and my response is, You do not plan on being around for the next 10 years or so. To me there is pleasure and wonderment in growing something from seed.

ken duncan:
Here is another little narrow leaf ficus.
That is the same stand that the Fukien-tea is on.


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