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Little Black Current - Ribes Nigrum


In 2006 I got this Ribes from a fellow bonsaiist who wanted to trow it away, it's now around 25 cm high and has a trunk diameter off 1,5 cm. Not too thick I know, could be much better. I just wanted too show this 1, cause it has fruit for the first time, enjoy !!

wkr Wessel

First: I feed with different kinds of fertilizer. I start after buds are popping with 1/3 Fuchsia fertilizer, which is solid powder, dissolvable in water, with NPK values of 10-52-10 every week till about May, after 3 weeks I reach the total amount. Thats just 3 teaspoons per 10ltr of water. In May I turn to NPK 28-10-14 and from June till July 20-20-20. in the meantime I also aply cowshit grains in a little basket from about April- early July. July and August are free of fertilisation. End of August I aply cowshit grains again till about the end of October. Every week I also aply the Fuchsia fert. NPK 20-20-20 till September, than I turn to NPK 7-10-27 for hardening off till half October. Last Fuchsia fert. and building it off is done with the NPK 10-52-10 again to give the tree a good start in spring with lots of new buds, where I can choose from later.

Second: The early growth from April till half June is just growing, the second growth half June is where the fruitbuds are produced. So when you cut in July or later, all fruitbuds will be eliminated, so no fruit.....

Hope this is understandable.......    :-* Wessel

Rick Moquin:
Ah... someone who understands a good feeding program.


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