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Kingsville Boxwood Shohin

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Victrinia Ridgeway:
This little tree had been growing under a bench at Daniel Robinson's home for 15 years, and likely has not changed much until I got my hands on it. Daniel finds my enjoyment of shohin amusing so he sent it home with me when I asked for it. I potted it up this spring and it's doing very well.

Kindest regards,


What a wonderful shohin! Do you have photos of it from other directions? What can you share with us about its development, including its soil and care needs?

Thanks for sharing it with us!


Nice tree and really nice nebari. Kingsville have either very good nebari or crappy roots that are unfixable. This tree is blessed with good.

Cheers, Al

I really like this Kingsville. The nebari on this tree really give it strength and like Al said, its pretty hit or miss when it comes to Kingsville nebari.

I get a sense that there's a lot more going on with this tree than this view shows.  I'd like to see other angles as well.

Larry Gockley:
Victrinia. VERY NICE shohin. Seldom do we look at another persons tree, and however nice it may be, think of how I might have done it a bit differently. I look at this tree and can't think of any such thing. Beautiful !  Thanks for sharing. Larry


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