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Hello all.. Well, this is an update on the yew I posted in this forum a while ago. Actually, the original post is still only a few posts down in this forum.

Here is the tree after being pulled out of the grow pot and put into a bonsai pot. Also, a different potting angle was chosen along with some different branching options...comments welcome.


Jerry Norbury:
Brilliant. I love it.

Larry Gockley:
Looking really good Rob. Is this the same yew that you posted on "Bonsai Talk"? Can't believe that was two years ago. Seems like a hundred. Don't know if you remember, but under a different user name, I was the one who remarked, ( since you got it at Home Depot), that it must be true -  " yew can do it, we can help".  Again, looking good. I look at it and am reminded of the feeling of achieving a "finished" bonsai, and deciding where to go now. Do you have plans / goals, for this, or does it only need to refine and mature? Or are you the "play it by ear " type? Larry

Very impressive, Rob. An excellent image in a small package.

Thank you Jeremy.. I appreciate the compliment

Hello Larry..  I do somewhat rememberr your comment and yes, it must be the same yew from bonsai talk. As far as future... Pot wise, this is the smallest pot the tree would ever be able to be in. As far as the tree.. The shari is already completed. All that is left is to develope some secondary branches and do some pinching. I estimate it will be as complete as it will be in about 1 more year. Then just maintenance.

Thanks Treebeard55.. For such a small tree it has a very classic feel to it.



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