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First Shohin styling


I'm really new to the art.  This is the first shohin juniper I've styled, in fact, it's the first juniper I've styled, period.  I must admit, I've tried to imitate what I've seen in foliage pad creation, which turned out to be harder than it seemed once the copper started flowing!  Any feedback would be appreciated.  I placed the juniper with some other trees in training to better get an idea of it's flaws and positives.
Keep in mind, I've only been bonsaing for 3 years, however, don't be kind.  I'm only interested in criticism, constructive or otherwise.  

addendum:  apparently iphotos don't upload here.  I'll post the photos in the morning.  Seems to me though, that with so many doing everything on these little phone/camera/fertilizer schedule/species guide crack machines, the study group should be compatible, NO?

Gastro, Welcome!

The problem may not be compatibility with the Iphone but how you posted and size of attachments.
Notice the "Additional Options..." just below this area? Click on it and then on Attach: for uploading your pictures.

In addition, the max size for pictures from any device is 800 pixels wide and 256Kb size. You can post up to 1024Kb per post using multiple pictures.

I know this cause I had similar problems posting pictures from my computer.
If y our Iphone lets you reduce the pictures size to these limits you'll be fine.

my 2 cents

Thanks Jay, here they are.

As I said before, any advice or recomendations how to procede would be wonderful!  The tree is right at 10", so I put it on a stand to compare and see how, and if, it fit to qualify as shohin. 
We dont have a local club where I am, so Ive never worked with other Bonsaists and there no one around here to give feedback, help, or suggestions!

Gastro, first lets clear the air.... I've been doing Bonsai for 10 years BUT I'm far from being an expert. Years are a factor but only a bit. How long you've been with your trees is as important as how many post you have on this forum. It may be an indicator or it may not.

As for your Juniper, I do not care for the upper jin crossing the trunk line, I'm also not a big fan of little trees with long Jins.
When I look at a tree I try and imagine it as in nature, and what made it grow as it is. I can not explain your trees bent over and down and around style. That said, the most import thing to me is do YOU like it? If you do that is a good thing, but as you progress, you may find your tastes change.

You mention you are not near a club, where are you? It would help for you to take a couple of minutes and fill in the 'profile' section above. You don't have to be exact but at least give your general location. Giving and receiving info is directly affected by location. I live in Northern Vermont, my trees need different care than someone who lives in Montana or Texas or Greece.

You should find the nearest club... even if it is an hour or two away. You can visit once in a while but you will get much better advise in person then online. In addition, by giving your general location you may find someone near you who may help.

my 2 cents

Hi jay, thanks for the reply.  The upper Jin doesn't actually cross the trunk, that's an optical illusion from a back branch that I'm leaving on to cicatrize some wounds.  The upper Jin comes straight from the trunk at the point the Bare wood begins.  That being said, I was trying for heavy snow bending a damaged trunk downward and shading out lower branches, prevailing winds from the right of the composition.  As I said before, I've only been interested in bonsai for three years, an it wasn't until this year I got rid of the sticks in pots and learned what the art is supposed to actually be(whatever that may be  ;) )
thanks for the feed and I'll update my profile!



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