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Cork Bark and Koto-Buki JPBs

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Leo in NE Illinois:
Great thread, but JRob, where's the picture of the cork bark JBP?

Kotobuki is nice, but my love is for the cork barked JBP.

Or please start a thread with just the cork bark JBP.

I have toyed with the idea of getting a Kotobuki JBP. I wanted to get one to keep around, as scion wood donor. I have had odd Dr. Frankenstein fantasies over the last few years. Grafting 'Kotobuki' to gnarly old Ponderosa trunks, and create other such Franken-trees.

Thanks Don, for the information about 'Kotobuki' it sounds even better for shohin that I initially thought. I'm glad to here that at least in the great white north - Michigan, Wisconsin, or northern Illinois, 'Kotobuki' have short 'necks' to their candles. This is really desirable.

Here is this Cork Bark. I have 3. This is the 1st shohin. JRob

Leo in NE Illinois:
Nice Cork bark. The main trunk has started corking. Is it grafted? Almost looks like a cutting or seedling. The wings of cork suggest the trunk is at least 10 years old or older.

Is this a named cultivar? Or is it an un-named seedling?

I have owned a few over the years, some cultivars are really nice and cork up quick. Have several seedlings now, and had 2 a decade or more ago that came from seed. They are fun. I have 7 or so named cultivars now, all in early stages of becoming.


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