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Casuarina Torulosa


Thought I would introduce myself and show a tree im finally starting to work on.
After feeling out the trees habits over the past 12 months ive been regularly pinching new growth back to 3 nodes. After a bit of a wire it is taking shape, just need to fill out the apex and further ramification of branches, then to find a pot...



Is pinching sufficient to reduce the needles, or were they clipped.  (Ir)Regardless, that one looks like it has a future!

Casuarinas have leaves not needles. The leaves are segmented and yes, they reduce with pinching.

I have been told its better to twist the cladodes off, then to pinch them. This way there is no die back from the tips.
If you look closely at a Casuarina leaf, it is clearly segmented, each line being a node. So pinching back to 3-4 nodes results in back budding. Generally each back budding point will throw out 2-4 new shoots, try to keep it to 2 lateral shoots and keep repeating the process.
 If the shoot is beginning to lignify, you may have to resort to scissors. This of course, is an aesthetic no-no like Japanese Black Pines, as the resultant cuts will brown/yellow off.


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