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Carved Trunk Acer palmatum


Here is a Shohin Acer palmatum with a hollowed trunk that I am going to start developing and carving this spring. Feel free to offer suggestions. I am open to ideas. Tree stands at 4-1/2".


dead part on acer palmatum could mean problem.  pls be careful about that. 


Thanks for the comment. I bought this particular tree at a really cheap price, almost free. It was damaged in a late spring snow and freeze about 4 years ago. Most of the landscape Japanese Maples in the area were lost or heavily damaged at the time because the sap had already begin to run. This little guy was not protected and experienced the same fate. It was languishing on a friends bench but now is healthy. He knows I like shohin and thought I could do something with it. Thought I give it a try. The trunk has recovered and the damaged area is  repairing itself. I am just going to smooth it out so that the scar can continue to heal over. The trunk has loads of character and I am hoping it can be turned into a spectacular little tree and when viewed will appear very ancient and noble.


Where is this tree now?

Please say well. I like it.

No longer own it. Was sold last year when I was thinning my herd. JRob


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