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Great work!  I love your style - your trees always have a very peaceful, calm look to them.  Very inspirational. 

John Kirby:
Very nice Dorothy. You posted a couple of larger prostratas/San Joses (?), that you had started as cuttings a number of years back, on Bonsai talk a couple of years ago, was wondering how those were progressing.

Australian pine or Austrian pine ?  Anyway, very nicely done.


--- Quote from: davestree on November 05, 2009, 03:55 PM ---Australian pine or Austrian pine ?  Anyway, very nicely done.

--- End quote ---

A native of Australia, the Casuarina family is an invasive species in Florida (and most states that don't get cold enough to kill them in winter) and often called Australian Pines.  Casuarinas aren't true pines (obviously, not of the Pinus family) but they sure look like them.  I'm not sure how they're cared for, but I understand there's a certain amount of needle plucking involved just like w/ most true pines.

dorothy schmitz:
Paul, the procumbens will be planted on separate rocks. I have not decided on the rocks yet. Regarding the sketches, perhaps you had some from KoB in mind? I like to sketch  before approaching a tree, especially when it involves jin and shari.
Thank you for your kind words.

mcpesq817, thank you. Yes, I indeed enjoy bonsai when they are calm and dignified.

Thank you,John. I do not recall having posted any larger Junipers which I have started from cuttings (hey, I am only doing bonsai since 6 1/2 years..ha!)? Are you sure they were Junipers?

Thank you Davestree. It is a Casuarina equisetifolia, commonly known as Australian pine, as bwaynef pointed out, thanks.



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