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dorothy schmitz:
Thank you Don and noissee. If you want to see real good photography you have to check out Sam Edges works! He

photographed the trees for Boon and the Bay Island Bonsai book. Hope it is allright to post the links here:

And his blog:



Great links!  Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the kind comments.  To check out some more photos you can go to:  for some early spring photos  for some photos of incredible sierra junipers,

or visit Boon's web site for show photos:

Here is one of my past trees that has won several awards:

I hope you visit my blog as well in the future.


dorothy schmitz:
Wow, time to update. Still have the two small "budget" junipers and the casuarina:

John Kirby:
Everyone looks Happy and Healthy!


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