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John Kirby:
Thanks Dorothy, I may be misremembering or they may have just appeared to have been large Junipers...... Thanks again, very nice work. John

Thank you Dorothy for sharing these. Love the first Juni. Shimpaku correct? But they are all fine trees. Hope my "budgetsai's" look half as good over the next 5-7 yrs. You have a great artistic eye. May I ask what lighting was used? The Juni's seem to glow. Or are they that healthy?  :D

wow very beautiful !  ;)

Dorothy, your photography is excelent! The structure of your Bonsai is easy to see, depth of field is outstanding. I can just study these little trees for hours. You have a very good eye. Thank you so much for posting such great trees. Can you share your photo set up with us some day? Beautiful trees. Thank you, Don.

Yes, I agree with Don... I would love to know your photo set up. In fact, maybe there should be a photography section...perhaps in Advanced Techniques (because surely it is).


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