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Amur Maple

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Jay Wilson:
Cool little tree...

Wayne, I like this little one. Amur Maples are tough they will come through this cold spell and keep on ticking.

I also have one but have not heard about the dropping branches on a whim. Mine is developing slowly but no lost branches in the three years.


I haven't experienced any dropped branches, only warned that they have a penchant for dropping them.  This one is pretty small so I hope it doesn't decide to drop branches.

The outer pot is 6" if I recall correctly.  The inner one (hidden by ice/snow) is about 4" I believe.

nice little tree wayne!!

So, both of those pots cracked during (rather, right after) the ice displayed in the previous pictures.  I had this nice pot laying around w/o a tree in it.  Its a little deep as a display pot, but should give me some breathing room w/ this tree during the summer months (when it got a little ragged looking last year).


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