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Amur Maple

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Joshua Hanzman:
There are tons of these near me, they are invasive and I'm tight with one of the head park rangers and he has said I can collect these all I want! If any of you are interested let me know and I'll try to grab some nice ones this spring and offer them up to the study group...

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  A bb gun for you.

  Some fungicide.

   An express airbill to send me (and bwaynef) some Amurs!


Joshua Hanzman:
Real funny Sorce, I'll get right on that... I got a little excited there I'll admit, but seriously I pull Amour seedlings out of pots that they are not supposed to be in and just toss them out...

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I picked up one of these at the garden centre not long ago. It was dug out of what looked like clay, wrapped in burlap, shoved in a pot and covered with mulch. I got it for $5 and it has a trunk with about a 3in diameter. I pulled it out of the pot, took off the burlap, hand picked a few big chunks of clay out without disturbing the roots too much and then repotted in this giant thing (the best pot I had to use without chopping off a ton of roots at this time of year).

If it survives the winter and spends a few years recovering I think it will look great after I take the height down a bit more.

Nice little start Jlush. Love to see it in leaf. If you have a camera that shoots that fast! How long is your growing season up there?  3, maybe four seconds!  ;) 


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