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A small "Tigerbark"


andy graham:
This one has gone through quite a few changes over the years. It's latest was a total trunk chop last spring(2008).
Approximately 7" tall.

Suggestions are always welcome.


ken duncan:
Hi Andy, I like this tree, I think that it will look great a few years down the road when the lower branches get bigger.
Good work.

andy graham:
Thank You Ken.

It has some obvious flaws doesn't it.  ;D . As I get older I'm enjoying the smaller ones more and more.


ken duncan:
Andy I know what You are talking about, at 60 the big ones are killing my back.
I don't see that many flaws, it just needs to grow some more and You know with ficus that does not take long, that is another plus for old guys like me.
Here is a pic of one of mine that looks a lot like yours, just worked on for a few more years.

very nice!


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