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A few to share...

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None of these trees are really that great but I sure enjoy playing with them.  I hope that if I can keep them alive for 10 or so years they might make decent trees.

Pic 1 - Dwarf Piceas/Spruce - container is about 2" sq and about 1.5" tall
Pic 2 - Dwarf Piceas/Spruce - 5" tall
Pic 3 - Privet - 5"
Pic 4 - Dwarf Golden Hinoki - 5" tall

pic 1 - JWP grafted on JBP by Suthin - amazingly enough I have maintained this tree now for 4 years.
pic 2 - perspective
pic 3 - Chinese Elm - started my Martin Sweeney - the privet from the previous post was also his.
pic 4 - some kind of culitvar of Star Jasmine

Larry Gockley:
I think they're all great John. My favorite is the Hinoki, but not something I can grow in south Texas. Thanks for showing them. Larry

Thanks Larry...


Give us some details about these trees.  I can surmise you picked at least one up from Suthin.  Did you create these from nursery stock?  I suspect some of these are in your turface bed?  How often do you have to water?


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