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Ill put off repotting till spring.  Should I do any foliage work or wiring this fall?  Or just let it grow? The main trunk is about 3/8 of an inch thick.

Not that there'll be appreciable growth on this before spring, but I'd go ahead and wire it.  Do it now and you can anchor the wire into the soil.  Do it after repotting, and the wire won't be as easily anchored.

Ok thanks for the advice.

The first thing you have to decide is how large do you want this tree to be.  If you start wiring and pruning the tree you are pretty much saying that you do not want the tree to get any bigger and that all decisions about design will pretty much have to be determined within the parameters of a four inch tree.  Look at this tree and is there anything about it that indicates the possibilities of a real nice bonsai?   If not you need to do one of two things, maybe three, if you start anyway and have no clue what to do and just hope something positive happens.  You need to grow and learn or the tree needs to grow and develop.  The trunk will thicken your will mature in your experience and understanding and the tree may offer you options you do not as yet recognize.  There is no question this tree is grown from a cutting probably not much more than a couple of years beyond root development on bare wood.


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