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Source for Itoigawa Whips?

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Anyone know where I can get some Itoigawa whips?  I bought a procumbens nana that I want to practice grafting on it. 

(I've changed my mind on the concept of grafting...if John's listening and remembers my adamant feelings on grafting at the time LOL)


John Kirby:
Hmm, a shudder in the force........

HaHaHa! And may the force be strong with you!  ;D

I might have a few I could part with.  What size/age/purpose?  Just for practice and propagating?

Say 1/4" or so thick, and hopefully have enough growth for the purpose of grafting onto a procumbens come spring.

I don't need many, a few is great.  I'd also like to try propagation but found it hard to pull off here.  But I'll get there ;)

Thanks Matsu.  If you want, just pm me the details and we'll go from there.


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