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Slender twin trunk Shimpaku

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John Kirby:
I got this tree from the estate of John Kipp (Kawa En) while at WBC Show in Washington D.C.  # years ago Marco Invernizzi wired it and I put it back on a bench and did an annual pruning. It is about 34-35" tall and is in a handmade pot. The top had become very strong. The purpose of this exercise was to really lighten the tree up, eliminate a few heavy branches, and then get foliage growth balances. Left a little more foliage down low, trying to strengthen the tree a bit. Anyway, repot in the spring and see what happens.

The second and third pictures show top and right view, just to show that the tree isn't flat like the picture insinuates.
(Sorry, didn't take a before shot.)


Another nice one.  I'm not sure what to think about the 2nd trunk coming from the back.  What are your thoughts.  What's the possibility of a turn or a new front?

I am really torn on this one.  My first reaction is that the second trunk really needs to go.  It just doesn't fit with the flow and style of the rest of the tree.  And honestly, I think the tree would be really nice without it.  But you have kept it, and bonsai artists I know and respect haven't told you to cut it off, so I find myself unsure and wondering if I am missing something major.  What is the reason for keeping it?  I would love to see this tree in a smaller round (namban maybe) pot, and with the loss of the second trunk would make a nice bunjin.  So spill John, why keep the second trunk?


John Kirby:
Well, I am still unsure of the final disposition. I'll keep both for now, but I may rearrange the lower trunk (tree) but not sure how much I can get out of it.

Things to pondr.

I think it could look pretty natural with a reaching movement; like it's reaching out from under the parent tree for the sun.


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