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Shredding up a rough stock shimpaku

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Owen Reich:
Had a chance to work with a new client the last few days.  He's been at bonsai about 1.5 yrs and will improve quickly due to his approach to learning (Boon's Intensives and working with pros at home).  He also just became the prez of his club and is active locally with seasoned members. 

So he had this field grown shimpaku and I suggested making it a small bonsai, but it had been repotted this year and needed time to recoup.  He said " let's go for it I want to experience bending newly created deadwood so I said "ok". 

So, we killed the top half of the tree, braced the tree with boards and ratchet straps.  Wire backbones and raffia were applied to newly dead trunk and a large branch bender used along with heavy guy wires to hold each bend in place.

Adair M:

I see you and Paul worked in the bar area?  How much imbibing did it take to work up the courage to bend that bad boy?

He sounds like a lucky (and brave) guy.  Maybe he could be persuaded to post his projects here too...
A year and a half, and prez of the club?  That's very interesting!

Adair M:
Judy, Paul is a go-getter!

I was in an Intensive class with him last January. It was his second Intensive.

He's fairly new to bonsai, knew he wanted to learn about it. So he did his research first about where to learn. Found out about Boon. Never had a class or a workshop. Called Boon. Boon told him NOT to take any other class until he could come to an Intensive. That way, he wouldn't have to unlearn any bad habits.

So, Paul waited several months until the next Intensive class to start. Meanwhile, he investigates sources of material, tools, pots, etc. Sets up his garden for bonsai.

He's a pretty cool dude. So, he's been taking Boon's Intensives, and had Owen in for some private lessons. I think he's going to be producing some pretty impressive bonsai soon!

Owen Reich:
Actually, I don't drink and Paul remained lucid  ;D.  The goal here was for experience utilizing a technique in a low-risk situation.  Then, the technique can be applied to a high-value project later on with "oh I've done this" keeping the nerves non-rattled.

This is what box-store trees are for; making mistakes and gaining experience in a controlled situation with a chaperone....


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