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It's time for another project.  After seeing this shimpaku at the Southeast Regional Show last weekend I can't get this little tree out of my mind.  I've got a dozen or so Itoigawa cuttings right now that I think would make a nice start for a project next Spring.  I figure it's about a 10 year project from start to something resembling this stage, maybe.  

So, who's willing to try it with me?  Grab your cuttings and meeting here next Spring.  :)

I've got more than a handful of shimpaku ('kishu' ?) cuttings.  I wouldn't mind having something like you've shown, ...so what's involved?  Have a plan?

I'm thinking something along the lines of JBP Project - Exposed Root.  Get the roots "exposed" through a bottle, leave to grow for a few years.  Then plant in the ground to speed growth.  Then back into a pot, wire, done.  Simple, right?

Seriously, anyone have any other ideas, thoughts, suggestions, questions?

John, an option, wire several with some movement and graft them together at the height you want the "trunk" to start.

Gary, do you have any pics of something similar.  I'll have to consider that (and brush up on my grafting...).


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