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new tree


This is the new tree I purchased.  Im sure it will be an abysmal failure so I totally scrapped any visions I had for it and decided to post here to see what you guys think, then I will select on of those ideas and see what happens.


Since your first post, you have come a long way.  ;D

Don't be so DAM hard on yourself. Your trees feel that negatuve energy.
(I am so positive my phone doesnt even help me spell - .)

The 155 people that read it (lurker challenge! Need a prize?) Likely also did, as no one has commented. ( a prize? )

This is another nice little tree.
I see jin and death left. Canopy right.

How bout some more angles!?

Your first idea was probably an excellent one. Share it! Or just do it!


How about 3 trees? I bought a Shimp but it didn't look like much so it now has two air layers on it. Hopefully next year I'll have 3 for 1!

My idea simply and crudely drawn is in the picture.


Is that from the same front?

The live trunk bend seems hard to pull off if it is.

I like it.



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