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My new shimpaku

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M. Frary:
 Thank you all for the input. I'll just look at it for now.  Maybe.

The initial pics had me believing the trunks split closer to the ground.  The close-ups have me stumped as to how I'd proceed.

Hi M,

then it's a shimpaku grown in the shade, give it full sun and the foliage should become a lot tighter(more compact)

How about something like this, don't think traditional styles, think outside of the box. the material certainly demands you to think outside of the box. the pic I've attached is just to get you to think outside the box, not meant that this is a viable design option, though it could be, but will look slightly different than this pine due to the bones of your shimpaku not being the same(ie. branches and sub trunks in different places)

gooi mielies!!!

kind regards


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