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My new Shimpaku

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Whatever you do, I am watching this with interest.

I think there is loads of different routes to take on this but would love to see how it gets bent.

I got a new jack from Jonas @ http://bonsaitonight.com on the recommendation of @Adair M.

I didn't get a before picture mostly because I wasn't intending to actually do the work, but I ended up cranking the tree down what felt like a pretty good bit on one coil, but after looking at the previous pictures in this thread it may not've been as much as I thought.

I also started wiring out some branches, mostly to get them out of the way.  I don't have a front decided on and just wanted a better view of the trunk so I could start making decisions on the front.  I ended up wiring about 1/4 of the tree.  (There's something therapeutic in wiring.)

Maybe after I get the branches dealt with I can see the trunk better and determine where some other bends can take place.

Here are some updated photos after working with it again last night.

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John Kirby:
Yes, you want to use the smallest jack that will do the job. You see what we did with the little TOTM. If you mainly work with small or medium trees, get the medium jack. In the end I have ended up with 4......

Why the smallest jack that can do the job? Stability.


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