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My new Shimpaku

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Have any recommendations for a jack?  If you don't have a URL handy, anything to look for?  Think China can make 'em as good as Japan?

Any reason this wouldn't suffice?: http://www.stonelantern.com/Extra_Large_Bonsai_Tree_Branch_Jack_p/tcbj6.htm

Only one way to find out.  Make sure to use some sort of buffer material between the bark and the jack, something like a thick rubber, but I think the pressure on the trunk will be immense, so you may need a couple different materials to distribute the load.  I'm not sure exactly because I have not done any trunk splitting to do extreme bends on thick material, but this might be a good candidate if you do some investigation to see if others have done it with success.

John Kirby:
Should be fine. You can cut an old garden hose to protect the trunk. Use tubing or hose to protect the guy wire points.

Brian Van Fleet posted to someone who was looking for something similar that he'd been less than impressed with the stone lantern jack.


Back to researching.  That link has a lead on another one that ought to be a little better.  We'll see what I can come up with.

Is there any danger in getting too large a jack?  I've found 14.5", 15.5" and 23.5" jacks.  The price increase isn't exactly linear, so I'm considering the largest one, though I'm unlikely to need that length in the short-term.  Will it be prohibitively large when working with smaller trees?


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