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My Large Itoigawa

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Good Morning All,
Here are some pics taken today of my biggest Itoigawa. It was potted into a bonsai pot in March 2009 from a nursery container. This year I have been working on the jin & shari with fine hand carving tools under the watchful eye of my teacher. I have cleaned up the bark ad we dramatically lowered the bottom right branch. Next march with his guidance I will with do the initial styling of the foliage.  

Its a beautiful fall day in St. Louis. As I was raking up leaves in the yard and the sun was glistening on the trees I couldn't help but to take a moment and snap some pictures and dream of bonsai days to come. I am hoping to have this tree ready to submit for entry into the 4th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibit in 2014 in either a Peter Kreb or antique Japanese pot.


Doesn't look like shohin to me.  I would be happy to take it off your hands.  I look forward to seeing it's progress next March.  Please do remember to share some more photos then.


You are correct - not shohin! The tree stands 24" to top jin. Tree should finish 22-23 inches is my quess.


Really nice work Rob!  The branch placements and angles are great....as is the trunk and carving.  Overall, a fine tree ya got there Rob! ;)  And I too look forward to seeing it's progression. 

John Kirby:
Nice work. You posted this tree a while back, I have one of its "siblings" that Joe Harris imported in a large group of field grown trees and placed in nursery containers at Matsunami-en. Igot one from DaveKreutz in 2005 (Washington, DC bonsai convention), Boon has had a one or two pass through the club as well. Nice material, just takes time, and Michael knows how to make them come along very well. Nice. As a post note, mine was given a rather significant hair cut in the past couple of weeks by the ravaging hordes of deer, I think you could train deer to do it very well, just have to teach them to leave a little green on the ends of the branches.....


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