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My Large Itoigawa

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You are correct on this tree's history as far as I know it. I purchased this tree from David as well. When I bought it was one of two he had left. The last has left his nursery as well. If I remember correctly the trees where brought in for the BCI convention in June of 2004 held here in St. Louis. If this one did not make the cut for those selected during the workshop I can only imagine what the others must have been like.

As for the haircut - that is why mine are fenced and I switched to organic fertilizers. The do not attract my dogs and the squirrels to the benches. Lost a really nice antique shohin pot knocked off the bench when two squirrels where feasting on the rapeseed cakes my first spring. Also had a stay cat that must of been attracted to the smell of the fish emulsion. Now I only have the occasional bird landing on the larger trees. My camera is always ready. I want to snap a picture of a male cardinal on the Rocky Mountain to use as a Christmas Card but no luck so far.


very nice tree!

Gary S:
Nice tree JRob.

I have an Itoigawa that is similar.

Your roots look so healthy. What soil mix do you use for this tree?


So sorry for my delay in responding to you. I have not checked this thread in a while. On all my trees I use a Japanese manufactured professional grade soil which is premixed & sifted and it contains akadama, pumice and volcanic sand. It is called Clay King. We feed trees with a pellet called Bio-Gold from Dallas Bonsai Gardens that stays on the soil surface and then liquid feed alternating between fish emulsion and seaweed extract every Saturday.

I did extensive work on this tree with my teacher this past weekend. The tree was not repotted this year but its initial styling and wiring was accomplished under his watchful eye.

Here is a quick pic. I'll get some better pictures this weekend when I have more time.



Gary S:
Thanks JRob,

I have to repot my Itoigawa this Spring. I do have some Akadama medium left, pumice and some small red lava also.

This Itoigawa has not been doing so well lately. I think the soil I used 3 years ago was not as well drained as it should be, I had some turface in it, how much-I can't remember.

I think Boon's soil for Itoigawa is 1/3 Akadama, 1/3 pumice and 1/3 lava.

I haven't even started repotting yet since the temperatures up here in WI have been 30ºF above average!

Thanks again.


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