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My Large Itoigawa

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JRob. I really dig (no pun intended) your trees.
This one too. Especially the lower trunk. The 2 "eyes". Great character.

Something about the deadwood under the apex that bothers me. The mirror imageness of the dead and live.

But then I look at the old pic, and can really see that wicked (good)  jin that is right in front of that.

I think if you carved back a bit of that deadwood behind it, you could...
A. improve taper.
B. Kill that mirror image..it really bugs me.
C. Accentuate, with more light thus shadow beneath..that 3 prong jin. I love the feel of it.

Your 3d thoughts?

My son, Home from university and just complete a degree in flute performance and of to Yale's School of Music mid-August to start a master's degree on a full scholarship with stipend., has been feverishly working our our trees. I am so glad to have him home helping out for the summer. He cleaned out our large shimpaku and we'll begin wiring it out this weekend. JRob


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