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Little Shimp

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A current picture of the progression of this little shimpaku. My son Shimsuki (on this forum) and Hagedorn did another restyle today pulling it in tighter. My son completed his BM degree and is home for the summer and then is of to Yale's school of music for his MM degree on a full scholarship. It was a joy spending the whole weekend with him working on our trees, JRob

Brian Van Fleet:
Must be a treat to work with Mike, I like his style and seems to be a genuinely kind guy.

I have to say I liked the character, shape and movement it had when the trunk line still moved left.  Was it a tough decision to remove, or am I missing something in the photo that made it easy?

Brian, studying with Hagedorn is great. He is a wonderful person and a fine teacher. The main branch that moved to the left for some reason died unexpectedly. Not sure what happened. This was the best restyle option till the tree recovers. JRob

Brian Van Fleet:
Guess that made it a no-brainier!


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