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Juniperus chinensis 5 year progress

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This was the first tree I actually practiced wiring on, back in 2004, at the first lessons in bonsai I attended too.
I'll show the first juniperbush I started with to make a cascade out of it, later since I found out for myself that cascade and juniper in general wasn't my cup off tee, I changed the whole tree by cutting off the cascade branch, the jin and by splitting the righthand trunk in half. This trunkhalf was twisted by wiring and so I left it for a while. Now I wanted to become a little better working junipers, so picked it up again and changed it into the tree now. It stands now 28 cm high.

What do you think, good job or not?


The last photo before styling and the "finished" for now.....

I like this one too. I would have never guessed the 1st and last pic were the same tree.

I like what you've done so far the foliage placement looks great.  The only issue is the long and straight portion of the trunk.  I would suggest trying to impart some movement into it with a trunk jack or other method.  This will greatly improve the look of the overall composition. 


Thanks for the nice comments.

@JTGJr25 the straight trunk isnt easy to correct, I'll try to explain why I feel so. As you see the more or less finished cascade, you'll see the righthand trunk, with the inner folliage. This is the trunk now, only split and partly twisted, which means there's only bark on 1 side of the tree and by bending the straight part (dried out totaly) it could mean, when damaging this part means the tree will die. Thats really not my intension......

Hope you understand.

Cheers, Wessel


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