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Vic N:
I have a Parson's Juniper that came as a pre-bonsai...... field grown, but had been in a Bonsai pot for a while. It also had some dead wood/shari on the trunk. I've been told that the deadwood should have been treated with Lime Sulfur as soon as I got the tree. Can someone explain this process? Does the wood to be treated need to be brushed with something in prep. for the Lime Sulfur? How is it applied? Leave it on or wash it off? Just general dumbass questions. Thanks, Vic

P. S.   If some of it gets on the live part of the bark, does it harm the tree or bark?


Would you mind posting a picture?

Typically, this is the process I follow with great success.  First, make sure the area to be treated is clean and all the old bark has been removed.  I then water the tree well and cover the soil with a paper towel or similar.  Take the (concentrate, not spray) lime sulfur and mix desired water and ink.  For a first application on junipers I use 80-100% lime sulfur (mixed with water) and no ink.  It depends on the strength of your lime sulfur concentrate and your personal preference.

Once mixed wet the wood with plain water.  This allows for easier application.  Brush on the lime sulfur mixture with a small paint brush or similar onto the deadwood.  Try not to get any on living wood or foliage.  It may not be all that harmful, but is very unsightly.  Then let dry in the sun.

I will repeat the process every year or so with a weaker solution (more water) and perhaps a little ink.

Vic N:
MatsuB.... Thanks for the info. I have some lime sulfur on the way, and as yet have not been able to re-size my pix in order to post them. I do have another question tho. Is there a best time of year for this? I want to do something now to prevent any rot, but is there a best time? Vic

Vic N:
A couple of pix. I found the rot while starting to clean the shari for treatment.

John Kirby:
Nice little tree. Have you done anything else with the deadwood or wiring yet? Could be a very classy little tree. John


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