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Help Identify Shimpaku Variety


About 10 years ago, I bought a dozen shimpaku whips from Brent Walston at Evergreengardenworks.
I ordered a mix of regular shimpaku and  'Kishu' shimpaku.  These three junipers might all be 'Kishu' or none of them could be 'Kishu'.  I have no idea.  Can somebody tell me what I've got?



There are a few other forum members better suited for this id, but the kishu I've seen is dense and will form a ball like shape. These could be kishu but it's hard for me to tell from the picture. The inner in the last pic looks similar to my itoigawas shoots but again, not sure.

Brian Van Fleet:
I have shimps from Brent, and some kishus.  Based on them, I'd guess the bottom one is kishu, middle may be kishu, and top one looks like shimp.  Total guess.  I can take better pix tomorrow in daylight, but here is a comparison; top is shimp from Brent, bottom is Kishu in each shot.

It seems to put out long runners so it could be Itowegawa.  As to some of the other varieties I am clueless with the exception of Kishu.  Cut the tree back hard and if it goes Juvenile it is probably Itowegawa if it remains adult foliage it is most likely Kishu.  JMHO Kishu is the best of the Shimpakus.

John Kirby:
The top looks like Kishu. The bottom picture, and it may only be the photo, appears to have the flat pattern of growth seen in Itoigawa.

I prefer Itoigawa on small and medium sized bonsai, and something a little coarser on big trees, almost like Tohoku


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