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Grafted shimpaku on California junipler

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Hi All this is my first post.
This shimpaku was grafted on California Juniper.  Foliage is large and it was way up high.  Akio Kondo, my senior from Kihachi-en, grafted during his visit in 1995-1996.   He grafted 2 branches of kishu shimpaku on to the live line of this california juniper.

I have used it as a bending lesson during Intensive Class.  I removed one of the 2 branches off.  I used only one branch to style this tree. 

Akio was pleased to see this tree again.  He spent a day cleaning, thining and wiring.

First pic is the before
second show the runners (pointed whip at the tips).  the runners indicate that the tree is very strong.  I pinched those runner once in April.
Third pic is the tree after detailed work.
and the last is Akio was working on it.

ken duncan:
WOW!!! what a great tree Boon. This is all from one branch?
Do You have any pictures of it when it was first grafted?

Boon, another beautiful tree. Was the tree grafted because the native foliage was just too coarse?


John Kirby:
nice to see this tree fully styled.


Very nice tree!  I am also curious to see a picture of the original foliage on the tree.  How many grafts over what period of time to build this kind of growth?


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