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This is a tree my father, JRob, and I recentlly got. We really like the trunk and the deadwood. It will be repotted this spring and we will let it grow out, get healthy, and let it recover next year. A small amount of wiring might be done. The first picture is the front, the second is the back, the third and forth are pictures of the trunk.


John Kirby:
Did you get it from Dave Kreutz?

Looks like one of the batch that Iseli's old bonsai nursery imported (Joe Harris and crew) a number of years ago. They are distinctive, I have one there are couple at Boon's and you see them around from time to time. You don't find many Itoigawa's of that size in the US with the quarantine restrictions in place.

Nice tree, it is going to take a little work to get the foliage to match the trunk, when I get home I will wire mine and then post some pictures.



--- Quote from: John Kirby on September 22, 2009, 08:57 PM ---Did you get it from Dave Kreutz?

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I always appreciate your comments. I hope our paths eventually cross. I am sure they will.

The foliage does need work.  Though there are some current overall design issues, we were impressed with the trunk and its potential. The tree stands 22" tall. It has great movement, shari and jin, great life lines and with the proper care and attention we are hopeful that over the next several years it can be developed into a spectacular specimen.

We would appreciate any design suggestions you or others may want to share. We are new to bonsai and have a lot to learn. Dave and others in the area have been extremely helpful and shimsuki and I are active members of the Bonsai Society of Greater St. Louis which has also been immensely valuable. We have attended work shops this past year with Guy, Andy Smith and Tigra Urusibata (Nobuichi Urusibata's son from the Japanese nursery Taisho En). We are attempting to develop a respectable collection that we can nurture and be proud of.

Thanks & Regards,


John Kirby:
I think Marco has worked this tree to get the Deadwood on the trunk right. Mike Hagedorn styled two of these trees (maybe in St Louis and they are on (were on?) his before and after page of his website. Getting the branches right takes some pretty dramatic work. This tree might be a good candidate to work on with Marco when he does his annual visit to St Louis. John


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