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An over pinched Itoigawa

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Looks like a really fun project Adair.  Which cost more the tree or the wire?  :D

Adair M:
Lol!! The tree.

I've put a ton of 18 gauge wire on it, and I'm nearly out of 20. So I ordered more 16, 18, 20, and 22. I've never used 22, may never really need it. Maybe for guy wires. And some detail wiring.

John Kirby:
Bargain. I am sure that you will have long runners soon. When do you repot Junipers in your neck of the woods? February/March? I look forward to seeing this one progress, I really like Root-Over-Rock Junipers, as rare as they are. Good find.

Adair M:
We repot Junipers feb/Mar. This one was recently reported, or do I was told. The soil looks reasonably fresh. However, assuming the previous owners repotting skills were similar to his pruning skills, I think I'd better plan on a half bare root repot next spring!

After today's work:

John Kirby:
time for a  mint Julep.


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