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Where to buy??

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I am new to the satsuki, and am curious as to where to buy these from.  Any ideas.  Mail order/internet purchase is better for me!

If you are looking for nice material reach out to Telperion Farms.  Chris will take care of you.

Thanks Reddog!

Leo in NE Illinois:
I second Teleprion Farms. Their $20 to $30 whips are better stock for bonsai than anything offered by other nurseries at twice the price. They usually don't have a list up on the website. But they are very good at handling email. As for a list of what is current. Good people.

John Kirby:
Dave Kreutz a Satsukibonsai-en.com . Dave has been an importer and teacher for Satsukis for a good while, and leads trips to Japan.


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