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« on: November 29, 2016, 07:15 AM »
Hi. Just wondering if anyone could give me idea what style should i do on this one? Thank you

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Re: Azalea
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2016, 03:36 PM »
Where are you located?  (I don't think you can fill it out on Tapatalk, but you ought to log into the forum and update your profile).  In the Northern Hemisphere our Azaleas aren't blooming yet.

You need to get some of that branching out of the way and decide on what you're going to use for a trunk ...then get it wired up and give it some room and time to grow.  I'd definitely move it up to a larger container with soil that drains well (remembering that azaleas don't appreciate drying out).



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Re: Azalea
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2016, 06:12 AM »
Also please try and give us,the size of the tree. I don't know if those tiles are 4, 6, 8 inch. Hard to say...