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Time for Satsuki Fall Work


Morning All,

Well here in St. Louis it is time to begin our Satsuki fall work to get them ready for spring. I know what I'll be doing next weekend and over the Thanksgiving Holiday. JRob

Owen Reich:
What are you considering Fall work aside from old leaf removal?

Sure Owen - trees will be stripped of old leaves to reduce the canopy and bring light into the trees interior. Any leaf cluster without a flower bud will be removed to prevent strength going to just those foliage points. If a leave cluster has multiple buds all the smaller flower buds will removed to force all spring strength to the one remaining predominate bud. Flower fans at the ends of the branches will be thinned to create spacing so that the individual flowers had adequate room to fully open and display their full potential and not be crowded and bunched out by others. Finally the fine outer branches will be wired to create movement and place them where need to be. If you wire these branches in the spring during full push you run the risk of wire cutting into them if you do not watch them ever so closely. This way when the growth has slowed as dormancy approaches and through the winter these fine branches can set their shape and the wire removed before the vigorous  growing. I have worked with Dave Kreutz over the last 4 years to learn proper care and technique for both spring and fall grooming of these spectacular trees. Hope this answers the question adequately. JRob


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