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Happy Easter All,

The first flower on my Satsuki 'Karen' greeted me this early morning when I went out to view the trees. I've post pictures of this tree before. What delights me about her (other than she bares the same name as my wife) is that it throughs many different flower color patterns on the same tree. This particular pattern is named Hazone-shibori. There are over 23 named patterns. A good book to learn more about Satsuki Azaleas is Robert Z. Callaham's Satsuki Azaleas for bonsai and azalea enthusiasts. Page 25 has a chart of the flower color patterns.

The first Picture is of Karen.

The other two are of Satsuki Kahou. It has small leaves and flowers and is always the first Satsuki on my benches to bloom.


Some more pics of Karen snapped this morning after last nights storm.


SHe has been putting on a spectacular display.

Evening All,

Here is a current picture of my Satsuki Karen coming out of winter storage. She needs some work. JRob

Just past full bloom. Extensive work when she steps out of her dress.


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