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Here are some pics of the satsuki in almost full bloom. Hope Shimsuki see's it. He is away at university missing the show.

Regards to all. Love this time of the bonsai year,


Looking gpod. Tree of the month, perhaps?

My son and I spent 5 hours today working on our satsuki and getting them ready for the spring and the growing season. We went up to Satsuki Bonsai-en with David Kreutz and had a wonderful time. Those that needed repotting were repotted and all had their trunks brushed and cleaned. Decisions were made on each trees overall design and appropriate thinning and branch work was done. I'll post pictures when I get a chance but here is a current shot of our largest satsuki. After today's work.

Evening All,

Here is a current picture of my son's Satsuki Osakazuki. Needs some cleanup from her winter storage. JRob

Don Blackmond:
I really like this one.


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