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Title: Need some help or advice please
Post by: Steven on July 13, 2013, 12:15 PM
I have a satsuki 'Kobai' that my wife got me for my birthday back in February. Been doing just fine up until a few days ago. It is dropping all of this years leaves. The leaves are nice and full and green. The slightest breeze and they drop. I don't see any type of pest or disease or fungus. I have a rukazon, mangetsu, scotian reef, suzu no homare and an unknown azaleas along with garden azaleas and they are not doing this at all. All get the same watering regimen. Hate to lose the Kobai as it wasn't cheap by my wifes standards. Any help would be greatful.
Title: Re: Need some help or advice please
Post by: Stan Kengai on July 13, 2013, 11:21 PM
A "watering regimen" is not ideal and might be (part of) your problem.  Over watering will sometimes cause leaf drop of apparently healthy leaves.  Most of the time, our plants need to be watered at different times, based on the many variables we encounter in our hobby.  What kind of soil is it in?  What type and size of pot is it in?  Did you repot this year?  Are there 2 different types of soil in the pot (organic nursery soil and inorganic bonsai substrate)?  What I'm getting at is that if pests and pathogens are not apparent, it's probably a root problem.  I'd suggest lifting the plant out of its pot (carefully) and inspecting the roots (superficially), looking for pests, soggy soil, foul odor, etc.
Title: Re: Need some help or advice please
Post by: Steven on August 02, 2013, 12:50 PM
Yep, I killed it. Since I live in an apartment I have to connect a garden hose to the kitchen faucet and run out the kitchen window. Asked the landlord when we signed the lease that since we have to pay for water would it be possible to install an outdoor spigot. They said no problem. Have yet to see that. The duplex on the east end has one. Takes 4-5 times running in an out of the apartment just to hook up and unhook the hose. So if I watered as a tree needs it I could be running all day. I do find it odd that when I lived in SC I could water, with a timer, for 30 minutes at 6 times a day everyday and never ever had a problem with ANY tree including azaleas. Move back here to IN and its like nothing can survive here.
Title: Re: Need some help or advice please
Post by: Judy on August 03, 2013, 09:49 AM
Have you tested your water?  Maybe that is part of the problem... But I imagine moving to a different place would mean different practices all around.  Sorry to hear about your tree.