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My 2 best Satsukis

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Here are my 2 Satsuki azaleas I purchased from GreenThumb Bonsai. These are Japanese imports. I apologize for not remembering either ones cultivar names. I contacted the nursery owner and he can't remember either. I have only trimmed lightly on both and that is it. Pot selections were not mine. I have had the tall one almost a year and the short one about 6 months. Hope they are enjoyable.
ps: Wayne, ya were right. There was a finger print on my lens. These pix were taken after the lens was cleaned. No fuzzy spot in the middle  ;)

And here is the 2nd one.

I really like both of these trees.  The first one could be a tall elegant tree ...and if you work the canopy (thin it, wire it, let it fill back in) you could have a great framework for tons of flowers.  I was a little disturbed by the planting angle of the first one, and since I'm reasonably sure that wasn't your choice, I hope you won't be offended by my virt below suggesting a new planting angle.  I rotated it cw about 15°

The last picture posted of the 2nd one seems to show a very powerful trunkline, particularly for its height.  I think that there are branches in the right places, ...along with some extras, but the angle of branches on the right side doesn't work for me.  I'd like to see them pulled down (almost?) as much as their counterparts on the right side.  Either way, this last one's trunk seems is its biggest asset.

I also really like both of these trees. Do you have photos of the flowers? My favorite is the second one with its massive trunk. Like Wayne, I also like the last photo best because (if I read the photos correctly) the trunk line moves toward the viewer from the top there. With work on developing the foliage pads and angles, I believe you are going to have a great tree.


Thanks guys on the compliments and tips. Wayne, since we discussed the angle on the first one in chat. I tilted it to where the base is more upright(15 degrees). Looks much better. Either it was potted at that angle or it could have shifted that way if it was shipped in the pot(doubt it since it is an import and we all know the rules for imports). The second one I goofed on tellin ya my front for the tree. I said with the "cascade" facing left. I meant facing right(last pic). It does show the tree leaning towards the viewer. I will be bringing these to the next group meeting. I went to see John today and he said the next meeting we are going to work on trees for the show. Came home with a bag of Haydite and a bag of lava along with some little goodies ;D He knows I can't leave there without buying something with leaves on it LOL.
Chris, I wish I did have pics of them in bloom. I missed this years flowers. Work being a(your choice of choice words here) and trying to get yardwork done(upto par)  missed it. By the time I noticed they were in bloom about 90% of the flowers had withered. That was one of the things I discussed with John when I went to see him. Trying to remember what cultivar they both are. I'm pretty sure I have the name tags just don't know where. Only thing John could do was look in a book with all the flower varieties but since don't know what the flowers look like it would like playing a game of darts in the dark.


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