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My "Eikan"

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Dave Murphy:
I acquired this tree almost two years ago, right after it was imported/bare rooted.  Other then removing a portion of the lowest left branch and some minor pruning and wiring, I've let it rest until this week.  I've started to wire out the canopy.  Hopefully, I'll get it into a training pot this spring.


Dave Murphy:
Here's a pic of the nebari.  I can't wait to see it in a pot.  This tree is a beast.

John Kirby:

Dave Murphy:
Thanks, John.  It's nice for sure, but after spending 12 hours wiring and still having another 3-4 to go, I've come to realize it's too damn big.  I wish I didn't like the real large ones...they are slowly killing me ;D.


Dave Murphy:
Finally finished.


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