Author Topic: Favorite satsuki?  (Read 3636 times)


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Favorite satsuki?
« on: February 14, 2012, 01:29 PM »
I'm new to azaleas but enjoy them very much.

I have amagasa, and chinzan varieties(?).

I'm on the look out for others satsuki or other for eventual bonsai.

What are your favorite, azaleas?  Why?

They show up here on occasion, just looking to put together dream list.

I live in (9b).

In a perfect world. Fast growing trunk with great showy flowering, pest and disease resistant. .... (dreaming....)

bruce m

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Re: Favorite satsuki?
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2012, 04:40 PM »

i am new here but have been raising satsuki azalea since 1986 and every year my favorite is a different one.i have around 80-90 varieties and a couple of witches brooms i am raising.
 i would have to say,these are my most favorite :


i am getting carried away but you get the picture. i am in northern California and the temperature has been in the 100-105 range all week so i guess i better go water some more.

take care, Bruce

Leo in NE Illinois

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Re: Favorite satsuki?
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2012, 02:44 PM »
I've only been growing Satsuki for 5 years. As Bruce says, every year I have a different favorite.

My initial impulse was to go for the ones with big flowers, especially double flowers. I found out that for smaller bonsai, especially shohin, big flowers are a problem.

hoshi-no-kagayak is wonderful for a bonsai under 24 inches tall. Small leaves, brilliant small flowers in great profusion. All in all a very nice azalea. One draw back. I am not fond of the 'curl' to the leaves. Not a big draw back. Otherwise this is a near perfect bonsai for Shohin size trees.

Hana Gasa is a nice white with jewel flecks, streaks and sectors of coral pink. I really like that it blooms a full month after most Satsuki finish blooming. Often blooms after 4th of July for me. Nice for early Summer color.

WakaEbisu was a favorite. Flowers are big, but it is vigorous, and can go from a whip to a pretty big bonsai relatively quick.
Pink, with some irregular marking. Mid season.  Not as good for Shohin as some of the others.

Those are the ones that do best for me. So far. Teleprion farms is a great source. They only do an email listing in spring of the whips available. Their $20 whips are far more developed than you would expect. Well worth checking out.